9400 kr

Simple. Modular. Versatile.

The BREEZE2 was designed as a modular comfort harness and therefore meets a wide range of requirements.

The ergonomic seat shell perfectly encloses your body and ensures maximum flight comfort. You can increase the comfort during flight by adjusting the seat position. The moderate height of the suspension points ensures a damped flight behaviour and thus creates lots of confidence. The sporty design in combination with the PERMAIR protector makes for a very compact packing size, a low weight and guarantees a high level of protection.

Thanks to the modular construction of the BREEZE2, you can also reduce the weight by approx. 50%! With just a few simple steps, the cover is separated from the seat shell and the BREEZE2 is transformed into an extra light comfort harness.

The BREEZE2 is ideal for travellers, Hike&Fly enthusiasts, beginners and all pilots looking for a versatile seat harness.



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